Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Posted: March 23, 2014 in Thoughts

From young, I have always visited doctors who practice Western medicine. Up till today I still do.

For the past year or so, my bouts of dizziness struck me so often that they are disrupting my life and career. A number of friends, colleagues and family members suggested visiting Chinese Sinsehs who may be able to build up my weak body constitution. I have always hesitated visiting Chinese Sinsehs primarily because I have little faith in TCM. Herbs and extracts of strange insects disgust me.

But the frequency of my dizziness left me with no other alternative especially when the Western specialist was unable to prescribe me with a remedy.  I decided to cast aside my apprehension towards TCM and have a go at it.

Yesterday, I visited Chung Hwa Medical Centre hoping to find remedies to my frequent dizziness. After consulting with the Sinseh, I was treated with facial acupunture and gua sha on my shoulders. Very honestly, I was pleasantly surprised by the effects acupunture and gua sha had on me. At first I thought this was pyschological as I went in with the belief that I will get a cure somehow. And therefore, I may have thought the sudden level of alertness (which I have never experienced before) and the relaxed muscles were all part of a mind game I battled myself with. However, the effects lasted even up to today (it had been more than a day). I am thoroughly impressed by the effects TCM have on me.

Of course my perception on TCM has changed drastically but I have many more follow up sessions to attend before I truly see the results of TCM. I reckon TCM is not for everyone but there is definitely no harm trying. It may work wonders when you least expect it ;)


Honing one’s culinary skills

Posted: March 23, 2014 in Thoughts

Cooking has always been a side passion of mine since I was young. Not granted the opportunity to cook given my young age back then, I could only wait till I was allowed into the kitchen. By then I was above the age of 21! Step by step, I successfully convinced my parents to grant me the permission to whip meals in the kitchen. Thus far, all my attempts in my home’s kitchen have been successful (by successful, I mean I did not cause an explosion or turned kitchen appliances to black tar).

More recently, Ah Tiang and I tried our hands on brown sauce mushroom steak with cream of mushroom soup, pizza with vegetable salad and cream of mushroom soup, and stir-fry noodles with miso soup. Of course we have room for improvement but they are definitely of average quality. Would not be too shabby if we open a cafe (but whether the cafe is sustainable is yet another issue altogether. haha)

Cooking for loved ones is definitely satisfying. It is especially so when the chefs get recognition from the family members. In a way, your efforts and culinary skills are acknowledged. More to come in the near future. Next up will be herbal soups!

Friend connection

Posted: March 8, 2014 in Thoughts

*Lifting fingers and counting the number of friends I have met in the past few months…*

Conclusion – Pathetic.

To all my friends whom I may somewhat have seem to lose contact with – Sincere apologies for the meagre effort I spent to maintain friendships these few months. I admit I have not been exactly studious on my part to re-connect and establish the somewhat “stale” friendships except for a handful of them.

If I had not met with you in the past months, rest assured – you are not forgotten. All of you are still in my thoughts. Just that I have not picked up my mobile phone and drop you a message. Be sure I will meet up with you guys in the coming months!

Not forgetting, a great time spent with Baby on a Wednesday night at “her” restaurant – Ah Loy Thai @ The Shaw Tower. Great recommendation! Thanks Baby and let’s meet up soon! :D

January 2014-February 2014

Posted: February 16, 2014 in Entertainment, Thoughts

One month on… It had been really tiresome but definitely fun-filled and fulfilling. Despite the crazy workload, I had my fair share of goodness. Lunar New Year was a little different this year with more visiting to more families and building closer connections. And of course, more red packets to add to my somewhat thin stash collected over the years.

Not forgetting, I met up with good friends over the month and I would like to take this opportunity to shout out a big thank you to the guys who treated me to my birthday. Thank you very much Ah Mun, BY, CB and KK! Really blessed to have friends like you :)

A meet-up was also arranged with Baby and Ah Tiang and another free treat! Haha.. I am pleasantly surprised Lu Gang Xiao Zhen Asian Kitchen located in Ion@Orchard serves pretty good Chinese cuisine. Just abstain from ordering the eggplant which was soaked in oil. *Grimaces*

Towards the end of 2013, I was down with a bad bout of flu and ended up nursing it for two long weeks. 2014 came along but I was in such a lousy mood that I only occupied myself with work and lots of rest.

As the first week of 2014 crawled by, my flu slowly left me and I was in a fairly better mood. Into the second week of 2014, my birthday came along and I am blessed to have been treated on three separate occasions by the people dearest to me. Thank you very much. All of you know who you are :)

Not forgetting the presents and cards I received – Somehow or rather, I was extremely touched by the gifts I received this year round. The sincerity from the cards had me re-reading them several times. Genuine words which come from the bottom of the hearts mean very much to me. Many thanks to the senders of the cards <3

The one gift, which is a limited edition music box, brought a large smile to my face. The thought and effort to obtain the music box made my heart melt. And I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised even though I kind of knew what was coming. Even the effort to obtain the lychee martini cake, which was part of the birthday celebration, drove my happiness meter up by several notches. You know who you are and I really would like to express my special thanks to you! *Hugs*

My birthday had been made extremely special by all of you. I can’t further express how grateful I am to all of you for spending time with me this week as my birth date drew nearer.

And of course, thank you to all who took the effort to send simple or elaborated text messages. I’m happy you all remembered :)

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry

Pilgrimages are often associated with religion. One of the most well known pilgramages taking place annually is the Islamic Hajj where thousands gather at Mecca to perform their Islamic rituals.

In the case of Harold Fry, his pilgrimage had nothing to do with his religion. Conversely, his pilgrimage was for a cause.

Harold received a note from Queenie who informed him that she was battling brain cancer. He did not know how to react to this unexpected news except to send her his regards via a letter. On his way to the post office, he met a teenager who recited him a story about her aunt and how faith helped her live on despite suffering from a terminal illness.

Harold pondered about the word “faith” and the gratitude he owed Queenie for taking the rap for him during their days as co-workers. Flash back of his past and present only disappointed him further. And so, out of guilt and his lacklustre life, he decided to travel to the hospice where Queenie resided – by foot.

Chapter by chapter, Harold’s journey to the hospice, which was 500 miles from where he set off, unfolded. Along the way, Harold made connections with many strangers. Some of which were pleasant and others were not.

Harold’s estranged wife did not help much to give him the support he needed to get through this physical torment. He reflected on the days where they shared happy moments and how all of this changed after they bore a son. His wife passed sarcastic remarks over their phone calls, dissolving some of the hope Harold wished for to salvage their sour relationship.

However, Harold possessed a strong willpower to reach his destination despite his old age. Slowly, the happenings in Harold’s life took a swift but pleasant twist.

This is an introspective fictional book which encourages one to reflect on their lives. A nice read.

In the month of December

Posted: December 26, 2013 in Entertainment, Events, Thoughts, Work

It seems like a post per month is now the way forward given the increasing number of commitments I have to juggle with in recent months. At times, I fantasize about having Hermoine’s time turner necklace to duplicate myself with the objective of spending time with various people amidst building my career.

The last week of November was spent in Kuala Lumpur for a three-day training course which left me extremely tired after the plane ride. Though it was a short flight, I was so lethargic that I had to skip my regular volunteering session at WGS. The body is no longer like before where I could stay awake into the wee hours of the morning and take part in multiple activities within a day. I have to admit age is catching up. Haha..

Sneaking into December, the month of Christmas joy and sharing left lots of people in a holiday mood. I was no exception. As Christmas neared, work was not my priority. Another primary reason was that my emotions were thrown off tangent after a client lodged a complaint against me for something not quite within my control and my boss was not exactly happy about that. I’m still trying to get over this absurd episode which I hope will blow over soon.

And so, I indulged in some CNY shopping despite it being a season for Christmas. I spent a huge bomb on several dresses which I think will have to keep me company for a long time until the value of the dresses are deemed to be fully depreciated. Lol. For the first time, retail therapy really helped take off some of the negative vibes treading in my veins.

That aside, I was extremely happy to hear fabulous news from various people. On one occasion, my tears welled up in my eyes only because I was too happy. Such episodes rarely happened which goes to show I was overjoyed for my dearest friend :)))

Baby and I met up for her birthday celebration at Li Bai @ Sheraton Towers. We had Cantonese cuisine and a great time catching up. I thought the beef fillet was the best. Baby, I hope you had a wonderful time and enjoyed the courses we had :D *muacks*

Despite the commitments I have, I managed to spend some time exploring Gardens by the Bay. Another tick off my to-do list for 2013. I think I fulfilled my two items on the 2013 list – visiting SEA Aquarium and Gardens by the Bay. Yay! Thanks to my friends who created memories of these two attractions with me :)

On the eve of Christmas, RSPID held its annual Christmas BBQ. This time round, HS was more than a thousand miles away and so we held our BBQ at Shuyi’s place. A new pit and therefore, a need to adapt to the unfamiliar equipment. Burns~~~ There went our first batch of food. Oops. But the BBQ went very well still and all of us had a great time catching up with one another. Such gatherings are really useful avenues to bond everyone together amidst our busy schedules.

Round two BBQ came on Christmas day with a better spread of food and brand new company. A lovely night with extremely friendly and hospitable people. And Max the dog to play with us. I realised I aren’t as afraid of dogs as I had initially thought. Thanks to Daddy’s previous golden retriever, I believed it allayed my fear of dogs in a way. But I dearly miss Daddy’s best friend. Hope you are somewhere up there safe in the arms of the protector.

Hope everyone had a joyous and blessed Christmas with lots of happy returns! Happy Boxing Day!